SPP Skyrmionics Retreat Meeting


DPG Spring Meeting 2017, Dresden


EMC2016, Lyon


MC2015, Göttingen


IMC18, Prague


7th Nanowire Growth Workshop, Lausanne

DPG Spring Meeting 2013, Regensburg

MC2013, Regensburg


EMC15, Manchester

DPG Spring Meeting 2012, Berlin

  • B. Bauer, J. Bill, M. Soda, A. Rudolph, E. Reiger and J. Zweck, "Elemental and Structural Analysis of Nanowires in Cross-Sectional Specimens", DPG 2012, Berlin, Germany


MC2011, Kiel

  • B. Bauer, J. Bill, M. Soda, A. Rudolph, E. Reiger, J. Zweck, "Ultramicrotomy: a fast and gentle sample preparation method for nanowire cross sections", MC2011, Kiel, Germany
  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Zweck, "A software tool for evaluating and enhancing the quality of EELS spectra for EMCD", MC2011, Kiel, Germany

DPG Spring Meeting 2011, Dresden

  • M. Lohr, J. Thalmair, M. Jetter, F. Scholz, J. Zweck, "Locally resolved imaging of internal electric fields in GaN-GaInN quantum wells by differential phase contrast microscopy", DPG 2011, Dresden, Germany
  • J. Hubmann , B. Bauer , A. Rudolph , M. Soda , A. Fontcuberta i Morral , D. Schuh , D. Bougeard , J. Zweck , E. Reiger, "Influence of the Nanowire Interdistance on Growth Conditions and Crystal Structure of Self-Catalyzed GaAs Nanowires Grown via MBE", DPG 2011, Dresden, Germany


IMC17, Rio de Janeiro

  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Thalmair, M. Lohr, J. Zweck, "Investigation of the effect of ring electrodes on the electron beam in the TEM", IMC2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


EMC14, Aachen

  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Zweck, "Development of components for a ChiralSTEM - Mode", EMC2008, Aachen, Germany